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Help Pass the Resolution to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
SCR7 will be voted on in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee on June 3, 9:30am in Capitol room F.

Here’s how:
1. Sign our petition – to show support for the amendment – please use name, address and    email (this information will ONLY be used for this effort and WILL NOT be sold or given out)

2. Contact Senators on the committee. Click link below for names and contact information.

3. Locate your Louisiana Representatives

4. Locate your Louisiana Senators

5. Locate your Federal Legislators
6. Read for more information:
7. Check back frequently for updates on schedules and publicity information.

8. Navigate through the rest of this website for more information on this effort and its legality.

9. For more information, contact us at

Louisiana Coalition for the Equal Rights Amendment

Sandra Hufstetler, Co-Coordinator, LA Coalition for the ERA