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Ginger E Adam, President, Governmental Relations firm,                                                 Ginger E. Adam, L.L.C. (Baton Rouge)

  • Define your group
  • Name a legislative committee within your group
  • Research your issue (examine comparable statutes in other states; compile statistics)
  • Know your legislator
  • Use the media
  • Be consistent
  • Work at the grassroots level and use personal contact with your legislator (before the session begins)
  • Be aware of the Legislative process, members of the committee(s) to consider your legislation, legislators interested in your legislature, and stay aware and up-to-date of happenings at the Capitol

DO thank the elected official for taking your viewpoint into consideration; be honest and informative in your communications; be concise, positive and attentive; be specific about the action you wish taken (committee vote? speak in favor in the Chamber? affirmative vote?)

DON'T be narrowly ideological or unreasonable; be arrogant, threatening or confrontational; be over technical; use a mobile phone or PDA during your communications with the elected official.